Top 3 experiences at SxSW 2014

  1. Game of Thones – “Ascend the Wall”

    Quite simply, stunning. A great use of Oculus Rift, wind machine and rumble floor. As someone who doesn’t like heights, I was surprised I survived (emotionally). Game of Thrones fans will love the way this connects them to the show / brand / location in a new way, beyond just watching from the couch. The exhibit goes on tour soon throughout the US – I recommend checking it out.

    Actress Maisie Williams of

  2. Samsung’s Galaxy Vine Studio

    With the rising popularity of Vine, Samsung cleverly played off the availability of the Vine app on Android by creating a small studio where “Vine Artists” created fun vine videos for visitors and their friends. The results were pretty cool and the process of creating the videos was appealing too – good win for their hardware and app store.


  3. Lightwave at Pepsi

    I’m a a big fan of large, digital / physical installations. Pepsi commissioned a piece, in collaboration with Lightwave that visitors interact with via their brain waves (yup!). Their whole Art meets Data meme is spot on too – as millennial artists begin to gain cultural relevance, they will begin to create experiences that leverage technology more and more: non-interactive mediums will no longer be compelling enough for future generations.