Hi There.

Thanks for visiting! My name is James (@jsenior) and I work on the Windows team at Microsoft. My main gig is to help other folks be successful on the platform, by guiding them – Sherpa style – through the process of making technical, business and design decisions.

I’m a software developer by trade, but have been “diversifying” into business / design and marketing over the past 6 or so years since I left University.

I’m a transplant from Great Britain but am now enjoying life in Seattle where it actually rains less (I know, crazy) than back in England. You see, the weather back in England is changeable which makes planning – even the morning of – difficult. In the States I’ve learnt that the forecast is somewhat accurate. Anyway, I digress.

Outside of work I enjoy golf, football (soccer) and travelling. I live with my soon to be wife Breanne and our dog, Reece who is quite the princess.

I hope you enjoy my musings. Apologies for the drivel.


  • sandesh

    i m really impresive from ur work thanks for contributuing such thinks

  • barryS

    Your guide to importing outlook express 6 email to vista mail is right on point. Many Thanx