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Web Camps–30 new events in the calendar, seats going fast!

   The Web Camps team has been busy working on organizing new events around the world and we’ve got a bunch of new events to share with you!  We’ve also been getting reports in on the first Web Camps where developers have been getting free training on how to build web applications using cutting edge […]

New PayPal Helper for WebMatrix

This week I’ve been at the PayPal Innovate Conference in San Francisco where Microsoft and PayPal have been talking to thousands of developers about the work we have been doing to create the easiest way to build apps that use PayPal for payments.  Today we are releasing the PayPal Helper for WebMatrix (in beta) which […]

New Facebook Helpers in WebMatrix Beta 2

Today we launched WebMatrix Beta 2 with a bunch of new features.  Here are my favorites: Themes – quickly switch between different themes on your website New HTML5 Templates in the box – rounded corners, transitions, sexy HTML5 templates. yum. NuPack Package Management – get the bits you need, when you need em New @Helper […]

Top Links to get started with WebMatrix

WebMatrix is everything you need to build Web sites using Windows. It streamlines Web site development and makes it easy to start Web sites from popular open-source apps. Getting Started Download WebMatrix Top 10 features for Web Matrix Twitter Archive of everything WebMatrix Scott Gu’s Blog Post on WebMatrix API Reference Guide ASP.NET Web Pages […]

Web Camps Training Kit – September Edition

The Web Camp in Los Angeles was a great success last Friday with Phil Haack, Jon Galloway and myself imparting a raft of knowledge on ASP.NET MVC 2, jQuery, Entity Framework Code-first, ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor.  However, there’s little time to pat ourselves on the back – because this week marks the launch of […]

New: Windows Azure Storage Helper for WebMatrix

Hot on the heels of the OData Helper for WebMatrix today we are pushing out a new helper into the community.  The Windows Azure Storage Helper makes it ridiculously easy to use Windows Azure Storage (both blob and table) when building your apps.  If you’re not familiar with “cloud storage” I would recommend you take […]

Announcing the OData Helper for WebMatrix Beta

I’m a big fan of working smarter, not harder.  I hope you are too.  That’s why I’m excited by the helpers in WebMatrix which are designed to make your life easier when creating websites.  There are a range of Helpers available out of the box with WebMatrix – you’ll use these day in, day out […]

Announcing the Web Camps Training Kit: July 2010 Edition

Today, we are releasing the Web Camps Training Kit: July 2010 Edition – Download it here. The kit includes all the content we presented around the world at the recent Web Camps events; presentations, demos, labs and more.  Inside the new kit you’ll find content that covers the following technologies: ASP.NET MVC 2 ASP.NET 4 […]